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For 2013, District of Kent was awarded the 5 Blooms award from the British Columbia Communities In Bloom with a special mention of the UV Disinfection System

2013 Communities in Bloom Committee
Councillor Duane Post
Victoria Brooks
Ken Schwaerzle
Joanne Velkamp
Val Edmondson
Del Gornall
Henrie de Boer
Kerry Hilts (Staff Liaison)
Scott Hurst (District Gardener)

Click here to download or view the complete Communities In Bloom 2013 Judges Tour and Progam Book

Click here to download or view the Communities In Bloom 2013 Evulation Report

The District's past results:
2013 5 Blooms Winner, Special Mention: UV Disinfection System at the Waste Water Treatment Plant
2012 5 Blooms Winner, Special Mention: Agassiz Harrison Museum Historical Barn
2011 5 Blooms Winner (Winner's Circle)
2010 5 Blooms Winner, Special Mention: Trees & Tree Canopy (Pioneer Park)
2009 4 Blooms Winner, Special Mention: Circle Farm Tours, Provincial Winner for Best Floral Display
2007 A National Finalist and 5 Blooms Winner, Special Mention: Recognition for Environmental Leadership of the Green Legacy Society
2006 1st place and 5 Blooms Winner, Special Mention: Smart Growth Riparian Restoration & Drainage Management Project
If you would like more information about the Communities in Bloom Program, please contact Kerry Hilts, Director of Community Services.

Cherry Blossoms in Spring

People, Plants and Pride....Growing Together.

Communities in Bloom is an exciting program of environmental awareness and municipal beautification. It is an initiative designed to involve whole communities in the challenge of improving the visual appeal of Canada's cities, town and villages and to compete for provincial and national awards. Municipalities are judged on the accomplishments of their whole community with regard to quality of the municipality's green spaces, the diversity and originality of its landscaping, general tidiness, environmental awareness, heritage conservation, urban forestry development, floral displays and the level of community involvement.

Participation, pride and a growing sense of community are all positive benefits for municipalities and residents.

Increased environmental health and urban beautification represent valuable assets to a thriving municipality.

Contribute to an Environmentally-friendly Community

We want to involve the community in Communities in Bloom. You can help us by identifying possible projects and help pitch in to make our District even more beautiful than it already is.

Here's how to get involved in your neighbourhood

  • Join the re-established Community Committee
  • Organize and clean up on vacant lots or unused areas.
  • Clean up your front yard and business fronts.
  • Plant flowers in beds, containers and baskets.
  • Plant a commemorative tree or shrub.
  • Participate in the District Clean-up Campaigns or Adopt-a Road Program

Kent School Nature Project

Click HERE to download a Powerpoint presentation in PDF format (5.1mb).

Communities in Bloom has undertaken or worked cooperatively with numerous projects over the past few years including:

  • Daffodil naturalization
  • AESS First Nations beautification project
  • AESS Grade 7 welcome tree
  • Business planter box program
  • Tree Plan Canada entrance tree planting
  • Tree identification signs in Pioneer Park
  • Hanging Moss Basket Workshops
  • Garden Art Walk and Tea
  • Fish Stenciling Stewardship Program
  • Blackberry eradiction
  • Kent School Nature Project
  • Chehalis Tree Plantings
  • Check atrium beautification