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Burning Permits

Bylaw No. 1448 - Fire Prevention and Protection

Steps to follow before burning:

  1. Obtain a Burning Permit from the District Hall.
  2. The burning permit must be approved and signed by the Local Fire Chief or a LAFC.
  3. Prior to burning, you must phone the Ventilation Index at 1-888-281-2992 or go to their website to obtain the ventilation index for the Lower Mainland Region for the day which tells you what the pollution level is and whether burning is allowed.*

*Please note that you are NOT allow to burn unless the Ventilation Index indicates that it is a good day to do so. The Ventilation Index must read GOOD for the day you intend to burn on and GOOD/FAIR the following day. (This condition only applies to $50 and $100 Burning Permits.)

In the District of Kent, ONLY development land clearing consisting of vegetative debris and camp fires, are allowed outside the townsite of Agassiz. Please note that burning is NOT permitted in the townsite (see Burning Boundary Map).

All residents and property owners are advised that a Burning Permit is required before starting any kind of a burn; Notwithstanding a burning ban being in effect. Burning permits are subject to the provisions of the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation of the Province of BC.  Before you light a fire to burn yard debris, ensure that you have reduced, reused and recycled as much material as possible.

The costs of burning permits are as follows:




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Burning Permits

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Sign Permits


  • $ 25 - Camp Fire, Cooking Fire
  • $ 60 - Hand Piled Yard Clean-up Debris, larger than a Camp Fire but not more than 2.5m X 2.5m
  • $150 - Industrial & Land Clearing Purposes, burn piles larger than 2.5m X 2.5m, but not more than 6m X 6m

The Permit is only valid for the calendar in which it is purchased, Jan 1 – Dec 31 exclusively, and is to be renewed each year.


  1. Do not burn any materials which are prohibited by legislation (See Provincial Guidelines and District of Kent Bylaw 1448 for details)
  2. Do not burn during Fire Prohibition (call 604-796-2235 or 604-796-2614 or visit the Agassiz Fire Department's website).
  3. Do not burn during high winds exceeding 50 km/hr
  4. Remain with the fire until the fire is completely extinguished
  5. Maintain a source of water for fire extinguishment
  6. Do not start or kindle a fire within 10 metres  of a building or any stream; 30 metres of any public roadway; 100 metres from neighbouring business; or 500 metres from a school in session


To prevent the release of dangerous toxins, the following materials must not be burned:

  • tires;
  • plastics;
  • drywall;
  • demolition waste;
  • domestic waste (household material and food waste not including newspaper and cardboard);
  • special waste;
  • biomedical waste;
  • asphalt and asphalt products;
  • treated lumber;
  • railway ties;
  • manure;
  • rubber;
  • paint and paint products;
  • tar paper;
  • fuel and lubricant containers.

For more information, please contact the District of Kent Bylaw Department at 604-796-2235 or the Agassiz Fire Department at 604-796-2614.

Religious or Ceremonial Burning Permits

Religious or Ceremonial Burn Registration Permit Application Form
N/ABylaw 1448 - Fire Prevention and Protection