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The District of Kent is promoting a private/public partnership in the form of an Adopt-a-Road program.  The program gives private organizations, clubs and community groups the opportunity to assist the District in keeping it beautiful by volunteering their labour to pick up litter and debris along the sides of undeveloped arterial frontages.  This will help the District offer a higher service level with minimal impact on the budget.

You are encouraged to make a commitment by adopting a road in your neighbourhood.  Keeping roads clean and beautifying the neighbourhoods bestow pride and ownership.  A clean road is also a safe road.

The District of Kent road network has been divided into numerous areas.  A volunteer must commit to look after the entire length of road within one of these areas for a two year period.  An organization is allowed to volunteer for more than one area.  The program focuses primarily on picking up litter along the road. Depending on the area and the needs of the area, graffiti could be cleaned up or other activities to be approved upon submission of a proposal to a proposal to the District of Kent.

Once the first clean-up has been completed in the agreed area, the District will install and maintain an Adopt-a-Road sign that displays the name of the organization or community group volunteering in the area.

After reviewing the enclosed material, applicants wishing to adopt a road should first decide which road they wish to adopt from the listing.  Applicants who find that they cannot commit to the required road length and/or time specifications, but still want to make a difference in the area, should call to discuss other options.

We are excited to work with you to make the District of Kent a cleaner, safer place to live and we look forward to becoming partners with you in keeping Kent beautiful.

Please call 604-796-2235 for a list of roads participating in the Adopt-a-Road Program.

Adopt-A-Road Application Package
Adopt-A-Road Safety Tips and Beautification Report