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The Mayor and Council welcome delegations on any matters of local interest. It must be recognized that the opportunity to address Council is a privilege, and for this reason Council has the following general guidelines for appearances by delegations:

  1. Subject Matter: The subject of your presentation should preferably be a local issue over which the Council can have some influence. This would still include items of a Provincial or Federal nature that have general application to all municipalities or to the District in particular.

  2. Application: Requests for delegations to be included on the agenda must be submitted in writing by 12:00 o'clock (noon) on the Wednesday prior to the next Council meeting date. In your letter please state the Council meeting you wish to attend and provide an outline or information on the topic you will be addressing. In addition, please provide any written material that you wish to place before Council.

  3. Presentation: Council will endeavour to hear delegations as early as possible in the meeting. For this reason we suggest you ensure you are present at the starting time, usually 7:00 p.m. At the applicable time, Council will approve a motion that your delegation be allowed to address them. After this, the Mayor will invite you to speak and you may make your presentation up to 15 minutes. Generally, Council will listen to your comments without interruption. At the end of your presentation, the Mayor may invite Councillors to ask questions up to 10 minutes to clarify your points. Once these are answered your appearance is complete and you return to the audience.

  4. Council Response: It should be noted that except in urgent cases, Council may not respond immediately to your request. Usually, the matter will be taken under consideration and dealt with at a later meeting. Council may also wish to have a report from staff, especially on something of a technical nature which may require some research. The Mayor may indicate when a response will be available but if not, you will be advised by the Chief Administrative Officer, or another senior member of staff, in due course.

  5. Thank you for sharing your concerns.

The policy of Council is not to enter into a debate with a delegation on the merits or otherwise of your points. Council accepts your right to express a particular point of view, but may not accept or agree with it.


Click here to open the Delegation Request Form

Once you complete the fillable pdf form, you can print it and submit the form in person, by fax or by mail, or save the digital file and email the form to clee@district.kent.bc.ca

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