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Agassiz Fire Department

The Agassiz Fire Department is operated by a group of 30 volunteers who are responsible for providing fire/emergency protection to the citizens of the District of Kent. These volunteers give up their time for training on procedures and equipment to be able to provide the community with safe, quick, and efficient services.

The Agassiz Fire Hall is located at 7652 Industrial Way, Agassiz BC.
Website: www.agassizfire.com


Call 911 for emergencies.

Agassiz Fire Department
Non-Emergency: 604-796-2614
Website: www.agassizfire.com

Wayne Dyer, Fire Chief
Fire Hall: 604-796-2614

Gerald Basten, Deputy Fire Chief
Fire Hall: 604-796-2614

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Fire Department, contact Wallace Mah, CAO at 604-796-2235.

Search & Rescue

For more information regarding the Kent-Harrison Search and Rescue Team please visit www.khsar.com 

RCMP - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Policing costs are currently funded by the Federal Government. The District of Kent's population is hovering below the 6,000 mark, and until we grow beyond that figure during a Census year, we enjoy the privileges of free policing. However, the District of Kent is preparing for future cost by putting monies aside for this growth period which will likely occur in 2010 (the next census year).

Non-Emergency Tel: 604-796-2211

RCMP website link.

Ambulance Service

Ambulance services are provided by BC Ambulance Services (BCAS) which is connected to the 911 Emergency system. BCAS works under the authority of the Emergency Health Services Commission of the provincial Ministry of Health Services. The BCAS provides emergency pre-hospital treatment and transportation by ambulance for the public and visitors to BC.

In BC, the service employs about 1000 full-time paramedic and dispatch personnel, 2200 part-time staff, and 100 management and support personnel. Service in rural areas is largely provided by part-time staff paramedics trained to the Emergency Medical Assistant (EMA) I level.

All telephoned requests for ambulance service are directed to one of three regional dispatch centres, providing call-taking and call assessment services, as well as communications links which facilitate contact with, and the dispatch of, ground ambulances. If an air ambulance is requested, the regional dispatch centre will put the caller into contact with the Provincial Air Ambulance Coordination Centre in Victoria. Response times in rural areas are predominately determined by the distance traveled to an accident scene.

Non-Emergency Tel: 604-796-2151

Ambulance Services website link.

Health Services

The District of Kent is served by:

Agassiz Medical Clinic
7040 Cheam Avenue, Agassiz
Tel: 604-703-2030

BC Biomedical Laboratory Ltd.
7069 Cheam Avenue, Agassiz
Tel: 604-796-8523

Shoppers Drug Mart
7130 Pioneer Avenue, Agassiz
Tel: 604-796-2241

Health Unit
7243 Pioneer Avenue, Agassiz
Tel: 604-793-7160

Chilliwack General Hospital
45600 Menholm Road, Chilliwack
Tel: 604-795-4141

Dental Clinic - Agassiz Dental Group
#103-1810 No. 9 Hwy, Agassiz
Tel: 604-796-2181

Veterinary Services

Agassiz Animal Hospital
Unit 4 - 1824 Hwy. No.9 (Subway complex), Agassiz
Tel: 604-796-9555

Kent Veterinary Clinic
6948 Pioneer Ave, Agassiz
Tel: 604-796-9401

Kent-Harrison Community Disaster Assistance Program

Address: 7652 Industrial Way, Agassiz BC
Tel: 604-796-2235


The primary purpose of this plan is to guide the response within the District of Kent for dealing with mass animal carcasses generated in an emergency. The plan is designed to enhance the district’s capacity to recover quickly from a mass animal carcass emergency and reduce the impact on the local agriculture industry.

The secondary purpose of the plan is to provide a source of local information related to a carcass disposal emergency which may be used by federal, provincial and local agencies that participate in an expanded response to a carcass disposal emergency. This information includes a profile of animal farming sites and activities in the District of Kent, and a list of resources and capabilities which may be utilized in an emergency response.



Want to become an Emergency Social Services (ESS) Volunteer?

What is ESS?
Emergency Social Services (ESS aka Kent - Harrison Community Disaster Assistance Program) provides short-term services (generally up to 72 hours) to preserve the emotional and physical well being of evacuees and response workers in emergency situations. This assistance includes food, lodging, clothing, emotional support and family reunification.

Who are ESS Volunteers?
The District of Kent and Village of Harrison Hot Springs residents who have a desire/passion to help plan and assist to provide for the well being of community members, who have been evacuated from their homes in the event of disaster.

Volunteers are required to:

  • Be in good health
  • Be at least  18 years of age, unless parental consent and  ESS Director authorization
  • Submit an ESS Volunteer Application Form
  • Be interviewed by the Volunteer ESS Director and attend an Orientation to ESS
  • Be prepared to complete a Consent for  Criminal Record Search
  • Submit a Emergency Management BC Volunteer Registration Form + photo ID
  • Commit approx 4- 8 hours per month for required meetings, working groups, free training courses and exercises.   More hours are required for on-call duties.

What do ESS Volunteers do?

  • Provide paper work for arrangements of temporary services to the evacuees, through pre-arranged community suppliers such as restaurants, grocery store, hotels, clothing store, etc.
  • Provide for pre-arranged facilities to be adapted into a Reception Centre for a safe place, where multiple evacuees can gather to receive information and assistance
  • Provide for  pre-arranged facilities to be converted into Group Lodging, in the event the community needs to offer lodging to a large number of evacuees
  • Provide Emergency Preparedness education to the public and community organizations

How can I apply? 

Fill in the application form and drop it off at:

District of Kent Municipal Hall , Attention: ESS Coordinator
7170 Cheam Avenue, Agassiz, BC
send it by fax to 604-796-9854


Emergency Social Services
Emergency Management BC
Prepared BC
Justice Institute of B.C.