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The Mapping & GIS Department provides in-house mapping and GIS capabilities. Our primary goals are to create and maintain spatial data (legal, infrastructure, etc.), develop and maintain on-line Mapping/GIS System, create map products for internal and external clients, and share data with other Municipalities and organizations.

  • Click here to launch the Online Mapping Application, and here for a tutorial
  • Standard Map Products - standard map products are available for purchase in hardcopy or pdf format. 
  • Digital Data Exports - digital data is available for purchase by map page in several formats including: AutoCad 2004-2010 (dwg files) and ESRI Shape files.
  • Aerial Images - the most current aerial images (March 2009) were obtained in January 2010 and are available for purchase.
  • Data Sharing - The District of Kent encourages digital data sharing and will participate in data sharing agreements that are deemed mutually beneficial


Max Christensen
Archiving / Data/ GIS Technician

Phone: 604-796-2235
Email: mchristensen@district.kent.bc.ca