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Sign Permits

Bylaw 1397 - Sign Bylaw

Sign Permit Application

Check List for Sign Permit Application

  1. A valid District of Kent business license is required
  2. Every person making an application for a sign permit shall pay the applicable fees set out in Schedule 'A' of the District of Kent Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 1492
  3. Every application for a sign permit shall be accompanied by the following information, which may be hand-drawn and filed with the application;
  • completed drawings and specifications of what is to be erected or structurally altered, including, where applicable, details of supporting framework;
  • site plans to scale, indicating location of the sign on the building relative to vehicle accesses, doors, windows and other existing signs, awnings or canopies on the site;
  • site plans, to scale, indicating the location of the sign on the site relative to street lines and other boundaries of the property and the location of the building thereon and in the case where an overhanging sign is proposed, the location of trees, utility poles, street lights and like objects; and
  • unless otherwise required by the Building Official, site plans may be referenced to a current survey plan of the site certified by a registered British Columbia Land Surveyor, and a copy of such survey plan may be submitted with the application.

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